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Solvency 2

FundsXML France has worked early on the impact of new EU regulation called “Solvency II” which primarily concerns insurers clients of asset management companies, as well as all management companies using the multi-management.

The French Club AMPERE* took the initiative to propose a format for the exchange of portfolio inventories suited to the Solvency II reporting.
This work has been completed in Germany and the UK to reach a consensus of the three major countries on what is now called the “Tripartite Format” or “TPT“, approved by AFG (FR), the BVI (DE ) and The Investment Association (new name of IMA, UK).
FundsXML France has developed an implementation of the “Tripartite Format” in XML.
This message format, called “XML Tripartite Format” is described in detail on page Solvency II. It can also be downloaded for free.


Tools for conversion of data messages between versions V2 and V3 of the TPT, as well as between their CSV and XML implementations, have been developed by FundsXML France.
To know more, visit the TPT – Conversion tools page.